(b.1964), is a graduate in both Engineering and Art and Design. She is currently a contemporary painter and ceramicist with a passion for artistic experimentation, exploration as well as teaching. Since her early childhood interest in art, she had achieved international painting awards. Fabiola has exhibited her artistic pieces in a number of exhibitions throughout her life. Her art stands out through her vivid colour palate united tastefully with a softer style of painting. She considers art to be an expression of her interests, moods and outlook on life. Fabiola's art is often inspired by the natural wonders that surround us, with several pieces being painted outdoors. She prefers painting on a large scale. In this exhibition she is also featuring some of her new collection of mechanical art pieces. 


Was born in 1945 in Xaghra Gozo and was lucky to be born into an artistic family.  Studied art at the Lyceum in Victoria and went to the school of Arts when he started working in Malta. His first major exhibition was in 2002 at St. James Cavalier followed by other exhibitions in different venues. He enjoys working with water colours and he is part of a group of artists working with water colours, who meet monthly and exhibit annually. He takes part in collective exhibitions regularly. George Apap taught Art for over forty years and now he is enjoying his retirement.


Born in London in 1956, he has always dabbled in art since his early years to the detriment of the walls and any flat surface in his parent’s house. He gets his love for art from his father Maurice and his father Joseph who both shared the passion for painting and whose paintings are very much treasured by Mark. His late teens saw him experimenting with various media, mainly pencil, water colour and oils. Though self taught, save for tips he got from his father, he now paints mainly as a form of relaxation and as a personal achievement. His love of the outdoors, birds, fishing and hunting have influenced his fancy for painting anything related. Still life and birds being his favourite subjects, he opts for realism to the best of his ability. Mark sold some of his paintings mainly overseas; reluctantly since he feels that each one becomes part of him and who he is. As he nears his retirement he intends to take up art more seriously and given the time on his hands he will be able to take commissions from anyone that would like one of his paintings hanging on their walls. 


Born in Mosta, has been a lover of art since early childhood. Whilst training to become a teacher at Mater Admirabilis Training College, she chose art as her specialisation. Her artistic education focussed on Still Life, Cubism, Surrealism,  Figure Drawing and Portraiture. As time went on she developed her own special style, painting abstracts and semi-abstract works, integrating copper and other less common material as media. In September 2010, together  with ten members of Art Club 2000, she attended a course in Pittura A Fresco with Professore Vico Calabro,  in Treglio (Paese Affrescato), Italy. The project included painting an A Fresco on the façade of a three storey building. In November 2015,  she was chosen together with eight female artists to participate in an exhibition as part of the CHOGM  WOMEN’S  FORUM, which was held in Malta. Grace  Borg has participated in several collective exhibitions in Malta and Gozo, as well as three exhibitions with her two siblings.  Her artworks can be found in private collections locally, as well as in London, Scotland, Luxembourg, France and the USA. She is often asked to complete works on commission.   


Marika became fascinated with the arts when she was still very young. She is particularly self-taught and has been improving and developing her technique. She has exhibited in a number of exhibitions and her paintings can be found in a number of private collections both in Malta nad abroad. She has also presented four solo exhibitions.


Randolph Started taking Art Lessons in October of 2007 under the tutorship of  Anton Calleja at Bahrija.  In 2008 he joined a group of artists at Patrick Dalli’s Studio drawing the human figure.  Following that Randolph attended classes specializing in Oil, Pastel and Watercolor paintings at Harry Alden’s Studio from 2008 to 2014 whilst also attended Portrait sessions with Jason Lu ‘s Studio and Madeline Gera’s Studio. Randolph has been having specialized Watercolor painting lessons with Vincent Amos at his Marsaxlokk Studio since 2009 to date. In 2010, the Wednesday Group of Artists was set up.  The Wednesday Group of Artists is a closed group of friends  80% of which attended at Anton Calleja’s Studio.  The Group meets  regularly every Wednesday.  Earlier the Group met at Anna Galea’s Studio and the last 3 years the Group has been meeting in the top floor of Il-Veduta Restaurant using live models. Randolph’s career as a Draughtsman and a Surveyor were the basis for his introduction to painting.  


Grace Cassar is a romantic expressionist. She has an intense leaning towards a classical approach to art with a deep welling of sentiment and moods that vary from the passionate, to delicate and to elegant statements which are the result of a sensitive, sensible and intense character. She is able to express herself in paintings through all media, from watercolour to oil, pastel, acrylic and charcoal. Her versatile and prolific expression is backed by a solid academic background and a serious study of drawing technique under experienced and established local and foreign masters. Well known artist Harry Alden was her tutor and mentor and she has attended master classes at St. Martins College London in portraiture and expressive art. Grace has exhibited her works in both solo and collective exhibitions on the island and overseas.


In the 60s to 70’s, attended Valetta School of Art. Taught by Esprit Barthet, modeling in ceramics at the old St Joseph Technical School in Paula, modelling and sculpture beginner’s classes run by Gianni Bonnici, sculpture classes by Salvu Apap and Joe Bugeja in the Art School, at Msida. In 1985 he attended a Diploma course in Perugia, Italy, specialising in nude drawing and painting. In 1987he attended again another Diploma course in Deruda and Perugia, specialising in modelling different clays and firings. He also learned printing and engraving. In 1995, the Honourable Mr Evarist Bartolo opened his first solo sculpture exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta. This was the first solo sculpture exhibition but not his first in paintings, as he had been doing a series of exhibitions since 1988. Since then, a series of exhibitions nearly every year were set up by the artist till today. Anthony is keen on working in both painting and sculpture. In painting most of his works are pure interpretations of life around him. However, in sculpture he is influenced by history, philosophy, mythology, biographies, rock music and current affairs. He is an avid reader in all these realms. A number of his works are almost classical and others surreal. Statements which the artist wants to establish, or even illusions and dreams are expressed in his sculptures. A few of his works are in abstracts too. 



Claire Ciantar studied Art at De La Salle College, Birgu (1998 – 2000) under the artist, Olaug Vethal.  She achieved a Bachelors degree in History of Art with Honours in 2003.  She undertook a number of large scale commissions such as The Wall outside Luxol grounds for the Australian Pink Floyd concert (2005), the mural decorating Slaviansky Restaurant, Valletta and another mural at the offices at Market Handle Malta collaborating with the artist, Raphael Labro. Her first solo exhibition entitled ‘Unity’ was held at the Manoel Theatre Courtyard in 2006.  Two years later, she put up her second solo exhibition at the then Café Noto, Baystreet.  Claire took part in numerous collective exhibitions:  BOV OperArt (2007), in Chiarmonte Gulfi, Sicily (2006), at the Sagrestia Vault, Waterfront and at 2 22 (2009), amongst others.  She also takes part at the Earth Garden Festival every year. In 2009, she collaborated with the sculptor Sergio Gauci aka Stonepecker on Fusion Art and with local bands Zizza Ensemble and Dusk merging her love for Music with painting. Her work has also been featured prominently at the Gozo International Contemporary Arts Festival (2010) and at the Circle Culturel Christaine Peugeot, Paris (2010). Recently, she has undertaken projects related to stage design and props for Malta Rock Movement namely for The Wall Show (Earth Garden, Ta’ Qali, 2013) and The Beatles Tribute Show (Smart City, 2014).  For commissions for private residences and offices contact her on 79595092.


Bio-note-  Born 28th April 1958. Commenced my art studies under George Fenech. 1974 – 1980 – continued my art studies under Harry Alden My art can be described as being minimalistic, geometric and simplistic. As an introvert person i alwaystry to search deeper into my inner feelings. My works are not religious althoughi did someof these as well. They are sacred but not in the traditional sense. They infuse calmness and tranquillity. I try alwaysto show the essential: By removing from view any compromising features which may distract the attention of the viewer. I like to depict things the others rarely take any notice of. At times my art verges on the abstract.  My aim is always to transmit beauty through simplicity.


Born in 1987, Sara Pace is a graduate fine artist and art historian, as well as a practising art educator in a secondary school in Malta. Sara has studied art at various local institutions such as the Malta School of Art and the University of Malta, as well as abroad at Clarion University, Pennsylvania, US and at the Burren College of Art, Ireland. Through her work Sara seeks to create objects that speak out to the viewer, bringing about understanding of and relating to the need for free space, particularly that of a natural environment. Sara’s art represents her passion to pass on her thoughts on the relationship between humanity and nature. Her influences are fantasy literature, pantheism and the environment. Her work is highly influenced by symbology and the dual interpretation of words and language. She continuously strives to educate herself in different artistic methods to be better able to communicate her thoughts, both to her viewers and to her students.


Ramon Vella Bamber was born in 1971 and by profession he is an Air Traffic Controller. However, he always showed an interest in Art and followed in his father's footsteps who is also keen on the subject. Ramon studied Art at school and obtained his Ordinary and Advanced level in the discipline at the Higher Secondary and at the Junior College under the guidance of the late Alfred Chircop and Paul Vella Critien. He pursued his artistic studies by attending a Seascapes and Landscapes Course at Mcast in 2013, special classes with Alfred Briffa, Figurative and Free Art at the Malta School of Art since 2014, as well as live classes in the Human Figure at the Malta Society of Art since last year. He is currently attending a History of Art Course at Malta School of Art. Ramon has taken part in several collective exhibitions including FestArti   in 2015 and 2016 at Razzett tal-Markiz Tabone, Mosta and Notte Bianca 2016 at the Malta Society of Arts, Palazzo De La Salle Valletta, abroad in Syracuse Sicily for the 1a Collettiva d'Arte 2016. He has exhibited last year at the Hagar Heart of Gozo Museum during the Victoria International Arts festival and at 1a Collettiva d'Arte in Cefala Diana Palermo Sicily. Ramon’s first solo exhibition ‘Fuq tila li Tkanġi’  held at Razzett tal-Markiz Tabone, Mosta in September 2017.