Born postwar on Clydeside and living in Kent, as a young man and lover of all things mechanical it took a blown head on a Porsche in the 1980s to set me firmly down the road of classic cars. I am a believer that they should be used and driven as intended and not just turned into boiled sweets or trailer queens. Over the years the personal collection has grown and is stable now at around 30 classics. Having been a member of numerous owners clubs both in the UK and the continent I have had experience and officiated with many marques. I have also exhibited in the UK and at Retromobile Paris and Rouen numerous times on behalf of French clubs. Firmly hands on, I know the majority of cars I have owned inside and out, with a number of unique vehicles and prototypes amongst them. Most recently completed restorations include a Jensen 541R and a 3.8 FHC E type, but I still have time for less well known cars like my Marauder 100 and Pinin Farina bodied Rover. An unrestored Citroen Traction Avant shares space with  Rover Daimler Alpine and Saab which featured strongly in the collection with most having toured the roads of Europe extensively, for holidays tours and rallies. Dentistry is still the day job.